What is Baby Reflex™?

Baby Reflex™ is specially adapted reflexology for babies and toddlers. The techniques originally were developed for bonding and over the years research has showed that it has helped to ease, provide relief, and eliminate many baby discomforts, proving to be very popular and successful with parents.

Baby Reflex™ is taught to parents and guardians (by Baby Reflex Practitioners) so that they can use it on their own children. Baby Reflex™ courses are for babies from 4 weeks onwards and Baby Reflex 4 Toddlers™ courses are for toddlers from 10 months old.

The Baby Reflex™ technique aims to be fun, improves mood, encourages bonding, aids sleep, promotes relaxation and a feeling of well being.

Baby Reflex™ is a complementary therapy and can be used alongside orthodox medicine, it is not a substitute. Parents should always contact their doctor or health professional if they have any concerns about their baby or toddler’s health.

Young happy mother with baby. Woman and baby are lying in bed. Mother is kissing baby's foots. White background

It works in the same way as reflexology on adults, however, it is specially adapted to suit the needs of babies and toddlers, taking in to account their size and well being. It works on the belief that reflex points on the feet and hands are linked to all the organs, bodily systems and skeletal structure of the body. A very gentle touch is applied to these reflex points in order to promote relaxation and feeling of well being.

Baby Reflex courses are for babies from 4 weeks old. You can choose if you would like all the course in one session or if you would like to split it into two.  The sessions are themed – feeding/digesting, sleeping/comforting and finally well being. Baby Reflex is taught on the feet.

Baby Reflex 4 Toddlers courses are for toddlers from 10 months old up to 5 years. You will learn techniques for well being, calming breathing, constipation and digestion, decongesting and supporting body’s defences, calming a hyper toddler, and first aid for stings. The reflexology is taught on the hands, rather than the feet, as toddlers tend to prefer it, with lots of songs and nursery rhymes.

Most parents have either tried or heard of, the many benefits of reflexology. With the modern climate of parents seeking complementary therapies; baby reflex offers the benefits of a safe, non invasive, drug free natural therapy.

Baby Reflex is portable, there is no requirement to remove clothes, as it is done on the feet and hands, and in fact can be done anywhere, even in the queue at the supermarket.

Mostly they relax, fall asleep and love it!

Only qualified Reflexologists can teach parents Baby Reflex or Baby Reflex 4 Toddlers.

Reflexology Research relevant to ‘Baby Reflex’

There were three UK exploratory research studies into the effects of reflexology on child asthma, and these were co-ordinated by Jenny Lee. These three studies, examining the effect of reflexology on asthmatic children, took place in conjunction with Oxford University, Watlington Hospital, an Oxfordshire Primary School, and over forty family homes across England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland and the Channel Islands. This pilot research was carried out to include the periods during which asthma is at its height, from the autumn of 1994 and through to the winter of 1998.

There were two very clear results from these studies.

  1. The improvement of sleep in all the children, in all three studies who were receiving reflexology treatment.
    One study, which involved eight asthmatic children of varying ages, showed that the two youngest children, who were aged 3 and 4 years respectively, actually fell asleep during the 15 minutes of reflexology treatment itself, despite the treatment being given in a hospital clinic, which is often an environment, felt far from relaxing, and often hostile, by children!
    An eleven year old boy, in one of the control groups, who was having sleep problems, particularly asked to be given reflexology as part of the follow-up at the end of the research project. He was amazed that he actually fell asleep during his first treatment!  His dislike of sleep had been overtaken by his enjoyment of reflexology!
  2. The second result was the increased bonding that took place between the child and their parents.  This was recorded in most of the child reflexology groups in those studies. The ‘bonding’ between child and parents is now recognised by the medical establishment as essential in early child development, and certainly adds to better relationships at home. Additionally, some parents reported that their children had become much nicer to the parents themselves after receiving regular reflexology.

Following on these studies, Jenny continued her work with babies and children.  Parents were very interested learn how to give limited reflexology to their own babies and toddlers.Mothers, who have used baby reflex techniques, have found that they were able to soothe and calm their babies.  Their babies sleep improved having had baby reflex.It became clear that once fully trained by a qualified Baby Reflexologist, parents can safely give a treatment to their own babies. Thus was born ‘Baby Reflex’The course was great. I covered both babies and toddler reflexology techniques in April and May 2012. It is simple and easy to follow the directions. I started off immediately with my 30 months girl helping her with constipation (that she had had for more than a year) and to improve her immune system.Amazingly the next day we resolved the constipation problem and she is also more alert, sleeps more soundly, wakes  up in a very good mood and suffers  fewer tantrums!  


Baby Reflex 40 euros private class (Sotogrande)

Baby Reflex for Toddlers 40 euros private class

Gibraltar home visit class £50

Baby Reflex Gift vouchers are available – these make a wonderful new baby present.

I have made these loving touches a part of our child’s daily routine, one or twice a day before going to sleep for just 10 minutes each. It’s an amazing time spent together, she loves it. I’ll have a second girl in a month and will start immediately also with her. I highly recommend the course to all mums, also as a gift for new born and mums to be.”