My natural therapy can help you bring about mental and physical changes quickly and easily in Lisbon and online.

You will receive a confidential, professional and holistic approach to therapy. My therapies can be used either individually, or combined and tailored to your individual situation.

Whilst I have experience in many conditions, I have a particular interest and experience in pregnancy, birth & motherhood, stress / anxiety, weight loss and smoking cessation.

HypnoBirthing courses fill up fast so please contact me in good time.


How did I fall into this?

Yoga fascinated me from a young age and I never doubted it was a key to a healthy mind and body.  I first encountered reflexology when I was 20 and I studied it whilst pregnant with my first child.  After working with hundreds of clients, I kept seeing the wonderful effects it has both mentally and physically.  This really opened the door to natural therapy for me.  I was hooked!

My training & reflexology work shifted to fertility & pregnancy.  In 2012 I trained in HypnoBirthing (The Mongan Method).  Soon after I began teaching the program I was amazed at the extraordinary childbirths that many of my clients experienced. I love to support parents to be and teach them skills that are not just for the birth of their baby, but for life itself.

Fascinated by hypnosis, in 2013 I trained in Clinical Hypnotherapy.  Again, I am regularly amazed at how hypnotherapy can facilitate such profound change in such a short time.  It is the amazing the way we can simply unlock the subconscious mind inorder to change behaviour and habits and even erase phobias. This is why I love what I do!

My training in The Fertile Body Method combines coaching with hypnosis and offers wonderful support for women on their fertility journey.  Again, I see that the power of the mind is extraordinary and often a woman simply needs to relax and free herself of blockages in order to conceive.

I’m now trained in Pregnancy and Postnatal Yoga.  So I can offer full circle support from fertility, pregnancy, birth and beyond.

Please contact me if you feel I may be able to help you. I work in Cascais, Lisbon or I can help you online.

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