HypnoBirthing is often featured in the news all over the world and it has become the hottest buzzword for mums to be!  Now you get the chance to benefit from this amazing childbirth education here in Lisbon!

HypnoBirthing has been featured in countless newspaper articles and on radio and TV shows such as Channel 4’s “Richard and Judy” show (read more), Discovery Channel, BBC News, in Pregnancy & Birth (regularly), Time Magazine (March 2004),the Guardian, Telegraph, the Daily Mail and many others.

The NHS is so impressed with HypnoBirthing that they have conducted extensive trials.  It is now taught in many hospitals across the UK and the course is even subsidised in an increasing number of hospitals.  HypnoBirthing mums have faster births, need less attention and have far fewer interventions, therefore saving both time and money.  Offering courses is keeping both the health service and the patients happy.

Every year thousands of mums have calm, beautiful births using the HypnoBirthing method, here is a clip of just one of them…

Oliver’s beautiful waterbirth HypnoBirth

NHS study tests the effectiveness of HypnoBirthing – BBC News  19 May 2011

For years the HypnoBirthing programme has advised to delay cord clamping after your baby is born. To clamp immediately after birth starves your baby of essential blood rich in iron and stem cells and oxygen. Many now believe this to be the prime reason for chronic childhood illness.  Finally the NHS in the UK is implementing this as standard procedure

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