Don’t forget to nourish yourself with the best skin care and nutrients so that you can look & feel like a Super Mum!

The hormonal rollercoaster of pregnancy and new motherhood can play havoc with your skin so it’s important to get a bullet proof but quick skin care routine in place to help prevent break outs and keep your skin looking amazing before and after your baby’s arrival!

Once my babies were sleeping through the night I started to notice all the things that were pushed to the back burner while adjusting to being a new mum! The constantly growing number of emails in my inbox, and the other one glaring at me every time I looked in the mirror, my skin care routine.

Luckily for you, I have an amazing solution for the latter that will both beautifully maintain your skin or bring your skin back to life after the craziness of having a baby. From hormonal changes due to pregnancy and nursing to just plain laziness from lack of sleep and lack of time as a new mom, your skin could be in major need of some TLC.

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After just one use of some of these products (hello, Thirst Fix Hydrating Gel Cream), you will know you are heading back in the right direction!

The Nutricentials botanical bioadaptive skin care system is perfect for pregnancy and new motherhood.

It combines the best of science and nature, with clean formulas and worry-free natural ingredients, all in sustainable packaging.

This is the first line in the world to help your skin adjust to external and internal stressors like lack of sleep, blue light from our devices, pollution, stress… all these modern lifestyle stressors cause premature aging, uneven skin tone and hyperpigmentation.

This is smart skin care that helps skin bounce back with magical results! Just take your pick of 13 gorgeous cleansers, toners, (Here You Glow has acids), hydrating mask, exfoliator, night and day creams.

Elle Beauty Editor fell in love, saw great results and says Bioadaptive will always be part of her skincare!

Journey to the heart of Africa with Epoch Baobab Body Butter. Enriched with several skin conditioning agents and an ethnobotanical extracts, this lush cream quenches your skin’s thirst with intense moisturisation. The result: skin that’s silky-soft and visibly smooth! Plus, it leaves your skin smelling great! This is perfect to use during pregnancy to help prevent stretch marks and to help skin bounce back post birth.


I would kill for a facial or Spa Day!

So let’s bring Spa quality treatments into your home!

The Lumispa is the World’s No1 cleansing device and for good reason. With 7 skincare benefits in just 2 minutes it gives instant results. Your skin will feel silky smooth, the appearance of pores are visibly reduced, you get a gorgeous glow, see an immediate lift and it’s the best for any pimples caused by hormonal changes and lack of care! It’s a winner all round. If you can treat yourself to a Lumi you will not regret it and let’s face it, you more than deserve it!

Fancy an amazing mud mask?

Well the Glacial Marine Mud is perfect for a deep detox. It deposits more than 50 skin beneficial minerals and trace elements to nurture the skin, it softens and purifies and hydrates the skin.

But it probably won’t just be your face in need of rescue. The Liquid Body Lufra gently eases away dead skin cells and excess oil to revitalize your skin and give it a luminous glow. The gentle formula allows for daily use and is even ideal for shaving.

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Help, I have sagging skin & stretch marks. I need the best skin care solution!

Now, does your tummy bear no resemblance to its former self? Have you been left with stretched, sagging skin or stretch marks?

I have the perfect solution… the Galvanic Body Spa firms, tightens and gradually returns your skin to its youthful state. Powered by the ageLOC science, it’s amazing!

Each treatment is just 5 minutes and the great thing is you can use it whilst feeding baby or watching TV.

Of course you want the best for your baby too. Inspired by the rituals of Southeast Asia, the Epoch Baby Hibiscus Hair and Body Wash is made with

your baby’s skin in mind. Infused with an extract of hibiscus flower, together with several skin conditioning agents, it moisturises the skin and maintains a healthy looking scalp (great for cradle cap) while gently cleansing skin and hair. Just gorgeous.

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Nu Skin literally has me covered from head to toe! Did wearing sandals and running around on the hot ground all summer leave your heels needing to hide in boots all winter? Don’t worry, this Sole Solution features crushed allspice berry traditionally used by the indigenous people of central america to relive persistent dry, cracked skin on feet. This product feels amazing and can replace that bi-monthly pedicure!

Last but certainly not least, this is sure to be any mum’s favorite! The LifePak + Marine Omega supplements are sure to get you back to feeling bright eyed an bushy tailed in no time! They are so good that they are actually guaranteed if you take a Scan and purchase them on the Loyalty Program (ADR). No other company does that! They are taken twice a day to help keep you feel your best. It even supports a healthy immune system and stimulates the formation of antibodies, which is helpful with children going back to school in the fall.