Sorry but I am not offering Hypnotherapy at the moment.

Hypnotherapy has proven to be by far the most effective way to quit smoking for good.

Just one session is usually enough to retrain your mind & free you from the habit.  You can go from being as much as a 60-a-day smoker to not wanting to smoke ever again.  No patches, no gum and no cravings!

If you really want to stop smoking, hypnosis is your best bet.

“From the moment l opened my eyes at the end of the hypnotherapy session l couldn’t imagine ever smoking another cigarette.  Everyone who knows me has been amazed (no one more so than me!) at how easy it has been to quit. 
Thank you Rose for freeing me from smoking!”



How would it feel to be free from the chains of nicotine?

Imagine being free from the “nicotine monster”, no longer beholden to cigarettes.

Imagine all the money you will save

Imagine the huge sense of accomplishment you will feel & increase in self-esteem and confidence.

The years you will add to your life.

You could well have increased energy levels and good health, and feel better than you have in years!

Imagine the powerful sense of accomplishment you will feel.

Never again having to feel the shame of having to go outside to feed your nicotine addiction away from disapproving friends or family members.

You will be setting a great example for children and other smokers.

Is it the right time?

Smoking, like con artists or abusers, preys on the vulnerable.  So if you are very stressed, chronically lonely or unsatisfied then it may not be the right time to disentangle yourself from smoking.

However, life is never perfect, so don’t wait forever.  At least make sure that you are “steady on your feet” before you expel the smoking parasite from yourself.

If you are ready to stop worrying about your increased risk of suffering from emphysema, lung cancer or other deadly smoking-related illnesses don’t pay the tobacco companies to ruin your health any longer.  

Book an appointment and make that change!