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HypnoMothering is a 2.5 hour fun practical course to prepare mums to be and new mums for the challenges of parenthood.  You will learn self-hypnosis techniques to help you make the most of limited sleep and the anxiety that comes with it, enhance bonding and find focus and calm amidst the myriad of feelings that come with being a new mother.  You will feel empowered and ready to embrace your own unique journey free from outside expectations or judgement.  Hypnosis is simply deep relaxation and is a naturally occurring state.  You know when you are totally engrossed in a great film and don’t hear someone talking to you?  Well that’s an example of hypnosis.  It is a pleasant state of relaxation where the subconscious mind becomes very open to positive suggestions.

Often new mums report feeling overwhelmed and unprepared when their new baby arrives, especially if we do not have our family close by for support.  Don't let that be you!  HypnoMothering® will guide you through a gentle transition into motherhood.  You will learn to find perspective, tap into inner resources, and remain grounded and balanced throughout baby’s infancy and beyond.  It gives you tools and techniques to use when you are sleep deprived, to stay calm when times are tough and to feel positive.

I am a Hypnotherapist & love seeing the fast and powerful changes it can bring.  For more information on hypnosis, please visit my Hypnotherapy page.

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What is included

2.5 hours of expert HypnoMothering tuition (including relaxation exercises, visualisations and great tips)

8 MP3 downloads worth £20

scripts and information sheets

telephone/email support

Group classes – £40/40 euro per mum

Private classes – £70/70 euros per mum

Skype classes are possible if you live too far away to attend classes.

For each type of class, there is a non-refundable £20/20 euro deposit to be paid on booking, with the remaining fee to be paid one week before the class.

Please note that this programme may not be suitable for anyone with epilepsy or mental health issues (especially schizophrenia). Please check with your GP or consultant before booking.

What Mums Are Saying About HypnoMothering®:

“Tracy and Kira’s class calmed my anxieties about the first few months and gave me real, tangible solutions to help me deal with the transition. I feel so much more prepared, at ease and excited! Every mom-to-be, even those with kids already, can benefit from this class.”

“I love using the HypnoMothering breathing techniques in times of stress. It’s discreet and the more I do it, the more it helps!”

“HypnoMothering has given me tools to find some calm in the new baby storm.”

“The HypnoMothering techniques are very useful and I look forward to using them. I also loved having the support of other pregnant women in the group and the ability to bounce ideas off of one another.”

“This class anchored in much that I’ve been reading and talking with friends about regarding becoming a mother.”

“HypnoMothering equipped me with some additional tools for releasing fear and tension for after my baby arrives. It also brought up things I hadn’t thought about or prepared for to this point.”

“HypnoMothering helped me feel prepared to deal with the stresses and anxiety that comes along with parenting. Knowing ways to deal with the emotional side effects will be so helpful and has taken away the anxiety I was already feeling before taking this class.”

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